1)Compare social hierarchy in South Asia (based on the Hindu myth) and East Asia (based on Confucianism) AND show how hierarchy impacts women. Agree or disagree with the following statement: “social hierarchy is different in South Asia and East Asia.”

Please make an argument to support your analysis, and use the thesis statement: this answer will prove that …

Remember that the best answer will not just be a list of facts but will make an argument about how these facts connect.

Precise spelling and grammar will not necessarily be taken into consideration when these questions are graded, but the spelling of foreign terms must at least be close so that the grader can be sure you know the material. I would remind you that unclear and ambiguous sentences undercut your argument. Please remember that you must clearly demonstrate an understanding of this material and ambiguous grammar will not assist your cause.

Each answer should be a minimum of 750 words, but this is to ensure a solid and nuanced answer. There is no maximum word count, but the key is to have a good argument.

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