8.3 Discussion: MRM and the Aviation Workforce Plan

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for both the (1) Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) training programs under the Flight Standards Service (AFS) office and the (2) Aviation Safety Workforce Plan. In Module 1, you were introduced to the concept of MRM. In this module, your reading on the FAA Aviation Safety Workforce Plan explained that the FAA’s Aviation Safety (AVS) line of business is responsible for ensuring the safety of every aspect of civil aviation. In that line of business, AVS is tasked with recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly qualified safety professionals.

In this discussion activity, address the following in your primary, original posting:

  • Discuss the importance of proper recruiting, hiring, and retaining a highly qualified workforce in aviation maintenance.
  • Specifically discuss the FAA’s Aviation Safety line of business area, and how its plan leads to a viable MRM training program.
  • In your discussion, include staffing requirements, losses, hiring, training, and funding.


To address learning objectives in this module and to increase your understanding of cultural diversity within the aviation industry, read the following resources. The first three are general information about the function of unions. The last two resources are reports that will supplement assignments going forward. As you read, think about aircraft maintenance workforces regionally, nationally, and internationally. Consider where tomorrow’s business aviators will come from, and how to train them.

From the Web:

From the Federal Aviation Industry:

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