8 pages due by 15 hours

8 pages due by 15 hours

Topic : The effects of cannabis use in university students as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress

For Assignment 3: Final project, you are asked to complete a comprehensive literature review of your chosen topic. Guidelines on how to structure your paper are provided. Select at least 12 peer-reviewed journal articles (published within the last 10 years) related to your topic (preferably six quantitative and six qualitative).  For the comprehensive literature review, be sure that the research design in the articles selected is either quantitative or qualitative. You MUST distinguish the design types in the discussion. 

Note: Meta-Analysis, Systematic Review, Pilot studies and Single-subject case studies are not permitted. 

Ensure the comprehensive literature review:

  1. includes sections and subsections identified in the template;
  2. focuses on the topic that you have chosen in Assignment 1;
  3. includes a problem statement and research question(s) that specifically describes what you would like to know about your chosen topic;
  4. summarizes the main points of the studies clearly, including assessment of reliability and validity (for quantitative studies) and credibility, transferability, and dependability (for qualitative studies);
  5. includes specific recommendations for future research in both the quantitative and qualitative realms;
  6. demonstrates evidence of insight and synthesis of ideas from various parts of the course, including ethical considerations; and
  7. is well written, accurate, and concise.

Your paper should be double-spaced, written in font 12-point Times New Roman. The paper should be approximately 2500 words (8-10 pages), excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages. 

Please format and submit the final project in Word (doc or docx only) and use APA style guidelines.

Criteria% of Final Grade1. Met Assignment Requirements (25%)  a. select quantitative and qualitative articles relevant to the topic being reviewed/10 b. originality and substance (not a mere summary of articles)/152. Writing Quality (25%)  a. material is organized in a manner that is logical and easy to follow/5 b. APA style applied appropriately/10 c. attention paid to grammar, spelling, etc./103. Mastery of Material/Comprehensiveness (50%)  a. indicates understanding of quantitative research methodology factors, including major designs/15 b. indicates understanding of qualitative research methodology factors, including major designs/15 c. evidence of insight and synthesis of ideas from various parts of the course including ethical considerations in research/20TOTAL/100

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