Accommodation Argument Essay Reference Hand-Out

This is a paper that focuses on the Accommodation Argument Essay Reference Hand-Out. The paper also provides guidelines on how to gather information for the paper.

Accommodation Argument Essay Reference Hand-Out

1. The form of argument used in this class is Accommodation. The basic goals of Accommodation argument are to improve communication and increase understanding between mildly opposing points of view. Accommodation voices the concerns of the reader immediately and as eloquently and precisely as the reader would do so. The argument must incorporate solutions proposed by both the reader’s and the writer’s perspectives. Compromise is a hallmark of Accommodation argument.

2. Because the ability and willingness to compromise is paramount, the audience must be chosen based on the method by which they choose to solve the argument; therefore, the writer should choose their audience based on their solution. It must be one the writer is willing to incorporate with their own solution of preference.

3. An argument topic must be of sufficient complexity and merit so that any number of parties might reasonably approach it from various viewpoints while logically and ethically maintaining their positions. Specific recommendations for compromise resolution must be the focus of the work. Additionally, subject matter based on the class text must suit the number of essays required. Students are to also confirm approval of subject matter with instructor.

4. The internet should be useful; however, it should not be a student’s only source for information. On-line encyclopedias, blogs, opinions and dictionaries are not acceptable sources. Academic and professional journals are the best sources available. Many are available on-line. Students should read recommended news sources throughout the semester. Huffington Post maintains a website: is completely free of charge. There are many on-line only news sources available: The Daily Beast, Politico, Axiosand Buzz Feed are examples. Mother Jones, The Nation, New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters News Service and Associated Press are also available on-line.

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