Advocate for an Environmental policy

Week 6 Assignment: Write a letter to a local, state, or federal politician on a current environmental health policy to advocate for a specific population.

The American Public Health Association (APHA) is a great source for advocacy issues in public health. You can use their website to find an issue to discuss: Environmental Health. You may also use other sources or discuss any topics we mentioned in class but the letter must discuss a specific law or proposal either within your state or at the federal level. The idea is that you will send this letter to the politician, but this is not required as part of the assignment. The assignment will assess your knowledge on the topic and your ability to communicate your opinion based on factual information on an environmental health policy. You will also be graded on identifying the correct person to contact (ex. is it a federal law or state law?)

Part One:

Write the letter to a U.S. or state congress or senator. Use the attached document as a template for your letter. Your letter must be detailed and specific and must include fact-based information. The APHA has letters that they write to politicians. Here is an example: Letters to Congress and federal Agencies. (Please note that this is from an organization and you are writing from an individual perspective.) Include a specific actionable request of the politician.

Part two:

Must include a reference section, why you chose this person to contact, and why the topic of the letter is an environmental health issue. This may be in the same document as the letter but on a separate page.

Format: Paper must be a minimum of one (1) page long not including references. Follow APA format for writing a paper (title page and abstract are not necessary). See these websites for help with APA format: Purdue University and APA Style.

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