Aging In Canada

you will be creating an infographic that demonstrates a profile of an older adult in your community through the Nursing Metaparadigms.

Take some time to observe your community through a new lens. When going about your business, look around you and take note of the number of older adults you see driving cars, in the grocery store, on the bus, in the coffee shop etc.  How do you recognize them as an older adult?  What do you notice about them?  How are they similar/different than other age groups in your community?  What might they be doing/needing that sets them apart from other age groups?  Who might their social network consist of?  Do they appear healthy/unhealthy?  How do you know this?

Using an infographic, complete the following:

1.  From your observations, develop and describe a character profile of your older person—their approximate age, their mobility and functional capacities, the types of tasks they engage in, their ethnic culture and social network, and their interactions with those around them.

2.  Recall the Nursing Metaparadigms and the concepts Person, Health, Environment and Nursing.  Select one concept and articulate your beliefs, assumptions, and values you have just developed from your constructed older adult profile.  You should include the metaparadigm concept you have chosen and clearly describe how your observations and profile might both aid and hinder you in your nursing practice with this client group.

3.  Take care to clearly articulate your thoughts.  Use images where appropriate to aid in your message.  APA citation/referencing must be used as required.

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