Aging Out of Foster Care

Hi, I am in deseperate need of a good revision on a paper that I received a grade of 84%. I need to bring this grade up in order to improve my final grade. I really need this paper back today by the deadline. If I could get a great paper back by noon today, I will tip the writer. I am attaching the paper that needs revision. I am attaching the paper instructions. This is a two part paper, I need part one revised. NOT PART TWO; however,  I am attaching the part two paper just for your reference. I am attaching the rubric and the scholarly articles for use. This paper needs at least five references. PLEASE CITE ALL MATERIAL USED AND THERE SHOULD BE A CITATION IN THE REFERNCE PAGE FOR EVERY IN TEXT CITATION USED. The professor is very strict with APA citation. If you require any additional information from me please do not hestitate to contact me. Thank you. THIS PAPER NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY TODAY.

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