An analysis of an International Business Opportunity (China)

An analysis of an International Business Opportunity (China). The president of your company has given you a special assignment. It seems that the board of your organization is interested in exploring business opportunities in an international location.

An analysis of an International Business Opportunity (China)

The president of your company has given you a special assignment. It seems that the board of your organization is interested in exploring business opportunities in an international location. Because the president knows that you are taking an International Management course, s/he has asked you to investigate this idea and to prepare a full report that provides upside/downside implications of entering a particular foreign market, including a recommendation about the optimal entry strategy.


Your goal is to prepare a 10 to 12 page, APA-style written report that includes your recommendations about entering into an international venture, supported by a thorough analysis that incorporates what you have learned during your time in MBA 529.
Specifically, you will evaluate your organization’s potential to internationalize via a new installation (branch, factory, sales presence, etc.). Thus, the industry of your organization will serve as a key focus of your paper. Your instructor will assign a foreign country that will form the remaining context of your analysis.

So for example, if you currently work for a local hospital and you are assigned the target country of India, you would write a paper analyzing the potential of opening a subsidiary hospital (or other health care facility) in India. Or, if you work for an advertising firm and you are assigned the country of Uganda, you would perform an analysis to determine the feasibility of opening an office or a subsidiary firm in Uganda.

If you are not currently working for an organization, you may use a former employer or, alternatively, an industry with which you are familiar or that particularly interests you. If you work in a service-type role or profession—e.g., professional nanny—you could write an analysis on establishing a “nanny business” in your assigned country.

Step 1: Getting Started

Please begin by reporting to your instructor by the end of Week 2the industry that you will be investigating (i.e., the industry in which you currently are working or an industry in which you formerly have worked). Once you do so, your instructor will assign a foreign country for your analysis.

Step 2: Performing the Analysis
Using our MBA 529 learning modules as a guide, your detailed analysis should incorporate a thorough discussion of the following areas.

Social, political, cultural, legal, technological, and economic environment of the country that your organization proposes entering.

Please use the Hofstede, Trompenaars, and GLOBS cultural research and frameworks in the textbook to analyze the business culture and environment in the country of your choice.

Entry and organizational strategies the organization should consider and advance (including potential local partners)

Ethical, leadership, and management challenges (including human resources considerations) associate d with entering this market and pursuing the entry strategy that you are proposing

Step 3: Preparing the Final Paper

Please organize your paper into the following three (3) sections using the section headings indicated below. You may further divide the Analysis section into subsections that highlight key elements of your analysis. (E.g., Ethical Challenges, Economic Considerations, etc.).

Executive Summary: Please include the following information in a succinct-but-complete executive summary that is one or two paragraphs in length.

Entry strategy recommendation.

Brief description of the analysis you performed.

Major upside/downside implications (i.e., benefits & challenges) associated with entering this market


For the main portion of your paper, you will use data that you have researched on the country and your industry as well as the text and class discussions to perform an in-depth analysis that addresses environmental considerations (e.g., political,  legal & regulatory, etc.), an emphasis on culture, possible entry strategies, and management and leadership implications.  Demonstrate comprehension and application by integrating course concepts with country-specific and industry-specific examples.


Conclude with recommendations. Chief among the recommendations will be a final decision with respect to an entry strategy. At least four (4) additional recommendations should be related to areas such as organizational structure, and leadership style. Also, motivational approaches (including compensation approaches), and HR-related areas such as recruitment. Additionally,  selection, and training. Make sure your suggestions are clearly based on information gathered from current research and industry/country data as well as relevant course concepts.

Note: It is possible that your analysis could lead you to recommend against entering the foreign market. I.e., your analysis may reveal that the risks outweigh the benefits. If so, please report and explain this recommendation. However, please also note that the Conclusion section should still contain recommendations about the most feasible entry strategy. Additionally, recommendations related to organizational structure, leadership style, motivational approaches, and human resources management. In other words, if the organization nonetheless decided to enter the market, what recommendations should it follow?

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