Analysing Visual Material Methods of Research in Media

This is a paper that is focusing on the Analysing Visual Material Methods of Research in Media & Communications. The paper also provides instructions and guidelines to follow in writing the paper.

Analysing Visual Material Methods of Research in Media

Methods of Research in Media & Communications essay on Analysing Visual Material .
3000 words (Appendices, figures & tables not included in word count)
aim of this assignment is for students to demonstrate skills in designing & evaluating empirical research.
(1) choose a research question
(2) choose a method to examine this question;
(3) employ methodology to gather data as if it were a pilot for a larger research project;
(4) write up, focusing on a critical & reflexive evaluation of chosen methodology.

Firstly, justify why particular form of visual analysis is appropriate method.
Secondly, decide on sampling strategy for larger study & collect material for piloting your visual analysis (max 3 still images).
Thirdly, discuss method of visual analysis for selected material. could be semiotic, narrative, or visual discourse analysis.
Fourthly, reflect on how you dealt with potential biases & ethical issues in selection of sample material & choice of analytical methodology.
Explain how you decided on codes or annotations for visual material.
Conduct a preliminary visual analysis based on these codes or notes using method you have selected.
Discuss whether the proposed analysis would be able to answer your research question in a full study with additional material & a more in-depth analysis of texts.


Abstract (100 w max): summarises main aim, methodological choices made & your findings regarding strengths & weaknesses of methodological design.

Background: provides brief review of topic, including justification for topic or issue chosen & concepts used. cite relevant theoretical & other sources where appropriate in order to contextualise project within academic literature on media & communications. Purpose: address questions: why do this piece of research, why now, & how will it relate to what has been done before? This is the only section that refers to media & communications theory; the rest, including Conclusion, focuses on literature concerning chosen methodology.

Research question: clear statement of research question to be in your assignment. It is a specific, ‘answerable’ question, appropriate to methodology employed & data to be collected. Rationale for methodology used. Here you present a justification for the selection of methodology that you have chosen to address research question, citing relevant methodological literature. + advantages & disadvantages of methodology & consider how these may affect your assignment, whether positively or negatively.

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