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In this essay apply the rhetorical appeals -pathos, logos, ethos, and even kairos – to persuade a skeptical audience of any of the following “true” rhetorical situations of your choosing:

Option 1 – You are writing to an audience skeptical about taking the covid-19 vaccines because they think there were rushed in development

Option 2 – You are writing to an audience who disagreed about the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election

Option 3 – You are writing to an audience who do not want to return to campus because of the new strains of Covid-19
To compose an effective argument you must have a solid understanding of the rhetorical appeals and sound awareness of your audiences’ knowledge, biases, and openness to your arguments. This includes addressing their legitimate fears and doubts as well as debunking less credible fears and doubts such as conspiracy-like thinking. Remember, you are trying to persuade or at least convince your audience to side with you, so try not to “talk down” or above them. Your success will depend on how well you use the appeals according to the audiences you are addressing.

To help get you started, for your audience, consider that they are generally informed and moderately educated, reasonable adults. They are skeptical but are open to changing their minds.

The essay must be 9-12 pages (not including the works cited page, in MLA format, and it must include citations from at least 3 outside sources, all of which must come from the library database.

Your argumentative research paper will incorporate the styles (Classical, Toulmin or Rogerian) and skills you have developed from the multiple types of assignments and essays (persuasive, rhetorical analysis, argumentative) you’ve written throughout this course, in addition to new skills for research. For this final assignment, you will do the following:

Generate a research question about a topic that you are interested in. Remember to narrow down your topic by
using the [What, Why, Who, When and Where? Questions].

Make an argument about your topic. This argument must be clearly stated in a working thesis statement. All body paragraphs
(even expository ones and opposition arguments) must be focused and organized, clearly relating back to your thesis. I will provide an instructional video and go over an example in the next page.

Research sources appropriate to your topic, and effectively use those sources as evidence to support and prove your thesis. Although you may use any texts we used in this class, you must still research and use at least four primary outside sources (*at least 3 supporting your arguments and at least 2 presenting an opposition to your argument). You will want to review the library database video and ways to incorporate sources into your writing in

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