Architectural Influence

Write an essay or create a digital project that uses a clearly defined thesis statement to make an argument (based on one of the two topics listed below) that marshals ONLY material from the assigned readings as evidence.  You should not and need not perform additional research.

Page Limit: 3-5 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font, (900-1400 words)

TOPIC I’VE CHOSEN**** Architectural influence can be seen throughout the world today, whether it be in large government structures or smaller businesses  lining streets and boulevards. There is no denying that architecture from the past has a great deal of influence today. However, the reasons for borrowing aesthetic qualities from a certain past culture’s architecture vary greatly. For this prompt you must choose between 2-3 cultures/societies and discuss the influence they have had on contemporary culture and why you believe these cultures were chosen. You can look at larger scale projects, such as the design for Washington D.C., or you can analyze individual structures, such as churches, banks, etc. where we tend to see the influences of past architecture used substantially. Try to cite specific sources during your essay and remember to discuss the different reasons for borrowing from a specific culture.

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