Aspects of the module that enhance the knowledge and skills

This is an assignment that focuses on the aspects of the module that enhance the knowledge and skills. The company in focus in this case is Huwei.

Aspects of the module that enhance the knowledge and skills

Assignment Title: Assignment 2 – Individual reflective report/essay
Description of the assignment:
The aim of this assignment is to enable students to critically reflect on their experience of the module, including the research and analytical skills gained throughout the module journey. It is also intended to enable the students to articulate their self-awareness, especially after working with colleagues in their peer/group during tutorials. Therefore, it is vital to follow the structure below to reflect on your experience of the module. To help you focus your arguments, please use the following content guidelines in completing your reflective assignment:
Introduction: You are expected to briefly introduce your essay to the reader. You should highlight the issues that will be in your reflective essay.



Describe the aspects of the module that have significantly enhanced your knowledge and skills. Ensure that you are specific and clear about the areas of the module you find most productive to your future career. As a guide, highlight and justify how the module has developed your research, evaluative and analytical skills.


Feelings: Discuss your feelings about a specific company covered in the module and demonstrate how it has helped transform your thinking about management practice generally. What new perspective of management practice have you captured during the module delivery? You can focus your discussion on any of the contemporary issues discussed during the lectures and/or tutorials. Complementing your discussions with appropriate and specific examples can be an added advantage. – THE SPECIFIC COMPANY IS HUWEI


Evaluation: Highlight the areas of the peer/group discussion during the tutorials you considered invaluable/good, and the aspects that are inappropriate/bad. What did you discover about yourself working with others? Were there any cultural challenges? How did the peer/group communicate? Ensure that you present appropriate justification for each argument. It is important to note that, working in peer/group presents numerous fundamental benefits, but also poses some serious challenges.


Analysis: Analyse your perspective of the peer/group and the module, and discuss the sense you can make of the situation. Articulate what lessons you have learnt and how that will improve and/or enhance your ability of working with others as well as your knowledge of contemporary management practice in the future. To help you with this, discuss how you will address the weaknesses you have identified about yourself during your engagement with colleagues in the tutorials.


Conclusion: Summarise your key points and indicate their implications on your future practice


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