there are different sections of the paper due each week and I already started it so I need help with the remainder and also revision of the first parts done already. I have some of the resources needed to use for the paper as well.

I did the work for the first 4 weeks. I have the work that i have done and the feedbacks with it. I will need help with all of them

week 5 assignment -it doesn’t matter how many pages as long as I have what it is asking. it probably is going to be around 2-3 pages no more than that I think if not depends on the information that we have and are using

week 6 it is all of these weeks worth of work put together. Not much new stuff will be done. Week 7 is 5 slides of powerpoint


so probably no more than 12 pages maximum

Week 5 assignment is due Sunday Augst 8. If I can get that assignment done by Friday August 6th by 7pm and the rest we can have it done by next Friday August 13th, that would be awesome.

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