Behavior Analysis

These modules are not a writing assignment, They are multiple questions and all vary from 1-30 questions.

They are timed, the aquisition are 1 hour limit and the fluency is just test how well you know so they are
shortened in time by alot, between 3 min-8 min depending on number of questions. The modules that need
to be completed are as followed
Experimental Design
D05-Part 1
D05 -Par 2 (fluency only)
D05-Part 3 (fluency only)
D05-Part 4 (fluency only)
D05-Part 5 (fluency only)
D05-Part 6 Aquisition and fluency
D05-Part 7 Aquistion and fluency
D06-Both Aquisition and fluency
Ethics (Professional and Ethical Compliance code of behavior)
All  E modules but start from  E02 till the end
Behavior assesment
Both fluency and aquistition must be completed.  My login infor will be given to you if you accept this assignment. The website is:

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