Bernhard Schlink’s ‘The Reader’ and Sebald’s ‘Austerlitz’ response

This is a paper that focuses on the Bernhard Schlink’s ‘The Reader’ and Sebald’s ‘Austerlitz’ response. The [a[er also focuses on the arguments and structure for dividing the essay response into two.

Bernhard Schlink’s ‘The Reader’ and Sebald’s ‘Austerlitz’ response

This essay is a Literature and Evil academic essay. Write a 2500 WORD essay response to the essay question using the novels of Bernhard Schlink’s ‘The Reader’ and W. G. Sebald’s ‘Austerlitz’. Your essay should be grounded in critical analysis and it should be informed by and engage with critical and literary terms. Also, your essay should focus on not just a text’s content but also its form. It is important to use a balance and a good amount of quotations from both texts.

The essay’s arguments and structure need to equally divide between the two texts of ‘The Reader’ and ‘Austerlitz’, and it is important to compare and contrast how both of these novels significantly answers the essay question in addressing issues of culpability, memory and guilt. Your essay must incorporate and engage with quality secondary sources such as journal articles that support the essay’s main arguments. The essay must draw on secondary criticism on both novels and relate to the essay’s main question. You must use scholarly evidence and articles to support and in response to the essay question. Also, use of scholar articles by critics to support arguments of both novels.

The essay’s main idea is to significantly answer the essay question with how both texts addresses the issues of culpability, memory and guilt. ALSO, the essay is not just a critical analysis and close-reading. It needs to explore the significance of how both Schlink and Sebald addresses such issues of culpability, memory and guilt and how they approach this idea. Footnotes will count towards the 2500 WORD COUNT but not the bibliography. Note: It is highly important to start the essay EARLY. This is in order to avoid doing the essay assignment in last minute and gives more time for editing and proofreading.

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