Biographical Research Paper “The Life of Amy Tan”

Final Review of Essay # 4 RequirementsMinimum requirements for essay # 4 include the following:1. 5-full pages minimum2. An annotated works cited of four secondary required sources. (Note: these sources must be from the ECC database). 3. Proper Quote Integration. Proper Quote Integration. Introduce it! [ author’s name, title of the work, and a brief overview], insert it! [ Smith asserts “…”] , and explain it! [ how does this source help to support your claim?].Note: About half of you received deductions for failing to properly integrate your sources, so be sure to fix those errors if they are present within this essay. 4. The entire essay must be based off of your selected author and the aspect that you have stated with your thesis statement. 5. The entire essay must be in MLA format, so be sure that you have your paper formatted properly to avoid deductions.6. Make sure that your introduction creates the funnel effect, your body paragraphs are unified, and you include a conclusion that creates the pyramid effect. Please review the feedback from your peer’s comments before submitting the final essay.

I am writing about Amy Tan’s life. 

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