Black Panther Party

The research paper will focus on an organization/social movement that has impacted African American experiences. The final paper must be 6-7 pages, double spaced and formatted in APA style with references.


  1. ORIGIN: The origin of your organization addresses (a) when and where the organization was founded, (b) whom it was founded by which includes a brief biography of the founders and what influenced their thought and (c) why the organization was started and under what social, cultural, economic, and political circumstances the organization originated.

2.  ESSENCE: The essence of your organization addresses issues such as (a) what does the organization believe in and want for African Americans and (b) how has the organization (in the past and in the present) went about the task of bringing their beliefs and wants for African Americans into reality. Included here are examples of particular events, programs, publications etc. that the organization actually implemented to impact the quality of life experienced by African Americans.  Any ideological differences within your organization as well as differences with other organizations and how those conflicts were handled must be addressed. Also be sure to address if and how the organization dealt with issues such as class, gender, regionalism, and sexual orientation when necessary.

3.   DESTINY: The destiny of your organization addresses where the organization is going and what its future will be. Hence, this section requires some critical analysis and forward thinking on your part since you are speculating based on the past and present positions of the organization and where they might be heading in the future. In cases where the organization is no longer around, your will speculate based on the essence of the group when they were still in existence and the possible effectiveness of their mission to contemporary African American experiences.

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