Book Proposal – Handbook on the College President

I need help developing a book proposal. Specifically, I will need content developed for two sections: 1) synopsis and 2) objectives, impact, and value. Details are below:


A brief synopsis of the publication should include a concise definition of the subject area as well as an overview of what the publication will be about. You may also include an introduction to the topic with an explanation of the discipline and its implications.


Objectives, Impact, and Value 

Please explain the benefits of this publication, why it should be published, and how the theme will impact the field of research.

This is not a student assignment for a college/university. This is a professional assignment that must certainly be written at a high scholarly level. This should be written for an audience of scholars and university professionals.

The overall goal of this book proposal should result in the acceptance of a handbook that will serve as a guide on the career trajectory of college and university presidential aspirants and also focus on emerging issues, trends, challenges, etc. college presidents may face.

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