Breadth issues with narrative research and notions of voice

This is a paper that focuses on the breadth issues with narrative research and notions of voice. The paper also requires exploration of key theoretical arguments on the topic.

Breadth issues with narrative research and notions of voice

This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the key theoretical arguments in the practice of community psychology that attend to narrative approaches to answer this question. How can narrative work and notions of voice help us. As community psychologists, towards understanding power and also promoting empowerment and social justice in our research and practice?

You will need to choose a community of interest to you. Whether professionally or personally. Reflect on how a narrative approach and the idea of voice could be utilised in your chosen community of interest to advance well-being and social change. Examples of a community of interest might be the disabled community and immigrant populations. Additionally or those with severe mental illness, or a more specific location such as your local foodbank. Think about the tangible resources. (ie. places people meet, chruches, cafe’s and so on) and the intangible resources. (the socially relationships) that people tap into as they go about their daily lives. This will enable you to document the resources of your community through their strengths that can be built upon rather than deficits that need remedying.

Breadth issues with narrative research and notions of voice

You are to utilise ALL FIVE COMPULSORY assignment readings. To explore how you could work with and for that community through a narrative approach. The COMPULSORY readings for Assignment 2 were to give you an understanding of the breadth of issues with narrative research and notions of voice. They have to address some of the complexities and diversities in practice. This is by using the insights and also values that psychology can bring to issues of social justice and change. In institutions and communities and the ordinariness of daily life. You need to understand the issues each of these articles raise.
You will need to read further (perhaps one or two more journal articles of your own, or from your weekly reading list) that relate to your chosen community. Follow your interest.

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