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This is the question to be answered from the Case study; “What is the relevance and insight that we should draw from your chosen source(s)?  This is where students make the connection from the facts of the case to why their resource is relevant and how it supports their argument.”

You will need to use intext citations from the sources provided;


 To locate and review relevant arbitral jurisprudence

  • You must read and use the information provided in Chapter 10 in your textbook: IndustrialRelations in Canada (Hebdon & Brown)
  • Arbitration Case Resources

o   Canadian Labour Arbitration by Brown and Beatty

o   Collective Agreement Arbitration in Canada by Palmer and Palmer

o   Brown and Beatty and Palmer and Palmer, both, offer excellent summaries and are available at the Queen Elizabeth Library.  It will be necessary to review cases reported in the series Labour Arbitration Cases (LACs).  LACs are also available online via the MUN Library.

  • CanII (Canadian Legal Information Institute
  • Department of Advanced Skills – Government of NL & Labrador Arbitration Awards, or

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