Business Plan

For this exam, you are going to continue building the Business Plan for the company you started on the MIDTERM EXAM!!!!!
Using the company you created on your MIDTERM, answer the following three questions (starting on the next page). You may use as much space as you like, but I would expect 2-3 pages minimum per question response. Please include a title page and prepare your responses in a separate document that you upload as a PDF like your assignment submissions.
The exam is out of 100 marks:
• Question 1: 35 marks
• Question 2: 20 marks
• Question 3: 35 marks
• Grammar, structure, spelling and organization: 10 marks
Page 1
1. Provide a thorough SWOT analysis for your company (35 Marks). Be sure to explain your thinking and rationale for your choices.
2. Prepare a number of SMART goals for your company’s business (20 marks). Be sure to provide as many goals as are required to achieve success in the next 1-3 years.
3. Prepare a detailed Marketing Mix (The 4Ps) for your company (35 Marks). Be sure to explain your thinking.

its based on previous assignment and clearly read the instructions

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