Capstone Project

Competitor:Dunkin Donuts、Mc Cafe

I. Executive Summary

a. Industry – history/description;
b. Leading Companies in the Industry (2) – their history/background; strategic leadership, vision, mission;
II. External Environment Analysis
a. General Environment – Trends/Factors of Technology, Demographic, Economic, Political/Legal, Socio-cultural and Global;
b. Industry Environment – For example, Porter’s Five Forces or a Strategic Group Map;
 c. Competitor Environment – Future Objectives, Current Strategies, Assumptions, Capabilities.
d. Include within the external environment analysis Driving Forces and Key Success Factors.
III. Internal Environment Analysis
a. The Organization’s Resources, Capabilities, Core Competencies, Distinctive Competencies (or Competitive Advantages: determine using the Four Criteria Test), and Supply and Distribution Chains should be addressed.
b. Financials – Key business financial strength statistics (e.g. liquidity); identify any significant trends (5 year; include competitor figures where relevant).
IV. Strategic Analysis
a. Identify and assess the current competitive strategy of the organization and the conditions that created that strategy (internal and/or external).
b. Identify any changes in strategy that the organization has experienced (including any changes in the scope of operations, vertical or horizontal expansion, and approach to the global economy).
V. Final Report Analysis
a. Key Result Areas (select and describe 8 key items from the SWOT to be strategically addressed)
 b. Strategies
c. Decision Criteria (evidence that supports the strategies, e.g. core competencies, pro forma)
d. Balanced Scorecard
e. Conclusions
 f. Recommendations—should have three
VI. References
 VII. Appendices
a. Financial statements b. Visuals

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