Cause and Effect Essay IVY

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Writing a Cause/Effect Essay

The cause/effect essay tries to discover the connections between events, in terms of causes, results, or consequences. You may think about a causal relationship by considering some familiar word combinations: If . . . then; Because of . . . the result was; or the problem . . . could be solved by. However, you must not confuse coincidence or chronological sequence with evidence; this is called post hoc fallacy (believing that the action/event that follows is automatically caused by the first action/event). Also, you must look for causes or effects that go beyond the obvious; be careful not to oversimplify.

While this essay is designated cause/effect, you may write a thesis and paper that focus only on one aspect; in other words, you may focus just on causes or simply on effects. You may also write a paper that incorporates both. In any case, be sure to supply a “so what” conclusion and to use appropriate transitions for each type of paper.

Write about a topic within your knowledge base. Use the following kinds of transitions within paragraphs to help your reader understand your approach:

Cause Effect
Because Accordingly
Caused by As a result, resulted in
Results from Consequently
Since For this reason
So, so that
Then, therefore, thus


Finally, logic is an important part of writing this essay. Your book goes into great detail about the kinds of logical mistakes writers make. Pay close attention to each one; then, use careful brainstorming to avoid the problems that result from faulty logic.

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