Charles Dumoulin perspective on students paying loans

This is an assignment that focuses on Charles Dumoulin perspective on students paying loans. The paper is in respect to paying back of student loans in Ontatio.

Charles Dumoulin perspective on students paying loans

Instructions: For this assignment, you need to use the material from Charles Dumoulin, Chapter 4 of your course package. With respect to paying back student loans in Ontario you should also consult the website, (OSAP stands for Ontario Student Assistance Program) where you will find relevant material in the section called Pay back OSAP. Write a response conforming to the instructions included in the assignment. The total response should be not less than 5 pages long, and not more than 6 pages long. Citations and  paraphrases from Dumoulin that you include in your answer should be simply followed simply by the name Dumoulin and then the page number from the part of the text that you are relying on – the name and number to be included in parentheses at the end of your quotation or paraphrase.

You do not need to annotate citations or paraphrases from the website The assignment should be double-space, and the font size should be 12. There should be no extra spacing between paragraphs. Put your name at the top right-hand corner of the first page of the assignment, as well as the course number (Philosophy 2264G), and the title: Assignment two.

Assignment: (You should think of this assignment as more like a take-home exam, rather than as a formal essay.) Part A Dumoulin thinks that it is sometimes appropriate to charge interest on money loaned, and also sometimes not appropriate. Explain his reasoning. Part B University students who get loans under the provision of OSAP are to pay interest on those loans. What do you think Dumoulin’s attitude would be toward the requirement that students pay interest on these loans. Drawing upon Dumoulin’s own words, give reasons for the position you take.

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