Consider yourself a consultant who completes research for organizations

Consider yourself a consultant who completes research for organizations.  You have just completed your DNP project and you have decided to repeat this research at other organizations for a fee.

Consider yourself a consultant who completes research for organizations

This unit focuses on understanding and applying market analysis based on a specific issue or problem in the creation of a marketing plan based on the assessment of consumer behavior, application of a product or service promotion and marketing management tools, and exploring market sustainability in the development of a marketing strategy.


At the end of this unit, the student will be able to:
Firstly, Understand and apply market analysis to their issue or problem (PICO).
Secondly, Assess consumer behavior.
Thirdly,  Apply product or service promotion and marketing management tools.
Fourthly, Explore market sustainability in the development of marketing strategy.
Further,  Create a marketing plan.

Content Outline

Market analysis

Consumer behavior

Product or service promotion tools

Marketing communication

Marketing management tools

Market sustainability

Marketing strategy and planning tools

Marketing plan



Fortenberry Text:

Part Four:

Consumer Behavior and Product Promotion Tools: Chapters 20-25

Part Six:

Marketing Management Tools: Chapters 31-33

Part Seven:

Marketing Strategy and Planning Tools: Chapters 34-39
·         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017).  Health Marketing Basics.  Retrieved from


Small Business Administration, Small Business Administration

American Marketing Association

Health Care Success Strategies

Designing a Health Communication Strategy

The Health Care Marketing Group

Healthcare Success (2017).  How to define your target audience – a critical health care marketing success factor.  Retrieved from

Inc., How to Define Your Target Market

123 Target Marketing

mPlans (2017).  Medical and health care sample marketing plans.  Retrieved from

Written Assignment: Marketing Plan

After reviewing the reading assignments and exploring websites related to marketing complete this written assignment.
Choose one of the following options to complete this assignment.  Identify which option you have chosen in an introduction to the problem.  You may either choose the same option as chosen in week #2 or you may choose a different option.
APA is required for this paper including the title page, body of the paper, and the references.

Option #1:
Consider yourself a consultant who completes research for organizations.  You have just completed your DNP project and you have decided to repeat this research at other organizations for a fee.

Option #2:
You are a manager within your current or past organization.  You have been assigned the task of developing a marketing plan for your newly expanded unit, the new unit you just opened, or the new service just developed (choose one of the three scenarios identified in this option).

Option #3:
You have just been promoted to unit director for the unit you are currently working on.  If you are not currently working, discuss a unit you have worked on in the past.  You have just completed the task of doubling the size of your unit.  As the unit director, you are tasked with developing a marketing plan.
Based on the option chosen, answer the following questions in paragraph format.  Each question should be considered a separate section of your paper.

Identify your unit patient or customer based on the following criteria:

Firstly, Wants and needs of your customers.

Secondly, Based on the diffusion level of your customers.

Thirdly, Based on your customer’s level on the loyalty ladder

Fourthly, Identify the service or product your unit provides:
Firstly, What is the competitive advantage associated with the product or service your unit provides?

Secondly, Describe how you will differentiate your product or service from your competition.

Thirdly, Apply Kaplan and Norton’s scorecard and strategy map to your service or product.

·         Identify your competition based on the following criteria:
o   Identify one major competitor and the service or product they provide similar to yours.
o   Identify one major competitor and the service or product they provide that is dissimilar to yours.
Refer to the Week 4 Written Assignment Grading Rubric for details.


Your initial postings require a thorough analysis of the discussion topic.  Review the requirements for the posting to ensure you have included all requirements.
When developing your response postings, consider the question(s) posed to develop your initial discussion posting. Did the peer’s posting answer all the questions? Did you provide more insight beyond “atta boy”. Consider asking a probing question to obtain additional information, or provide an experience from your clinical practice. Make sure your response is thorough. Include references to back up what you are discussing (this is not required for an experience you had). References help to raise your discussion from opinion to a more scholarly level.

Finally, Your contribution should be based on Socratic Questioning and:
Add to the academic value of the conversation, or

Add experiential value, or

Challenge or question prevailing ideas and/or assumptions with new evidence or well-argued, substantiated alternative perspectives, or

Make connections between contributions of others so that synergies are created.

Week 4 Discussion: Marketing Plan, Part 2
For this discussion, you will add the following information to the marketing plan you initially developed in your week 3 discussion forum initial posting.
Use the same fictitious health care service based on the following criteria for your initial posting:

Firstly, Develop a marketing penetration strategy
Secondly, Develop a marketing growth strategy
Thirdly, Identify channels of distribution
Fourthly, Identify how you will communicate the marketing plan
Further, Identify the sales force strategy and your sales activity

·         For your response posting provide the following information:

Firstly, Do you agree or disagree with the marketing plan developed and why?
Finally, Provide an additional method of communicating the marketing plan developed.

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