Consumer behaviour and evaluation to academic theory

This is a paper that focuses on the consumer behaviour and evaluation to academic theory personal experience. The paper also provides further details to use in writing the assignment.

Consumer behaviour and evaluation to academic theory

What to do? you are required to:

1) Firstly, write a reflection on a recent purchase you have made:
Select an industry from which you have recently purchased something (e.g. fitness, music, food, drink etc). Reflect on one recent purchase from this industry and apply relevant academic theory to critically evaluate the process of, and reasons for, your purchase (approx. 1,400 words).

2) Secondly, write an industry report with recommendations:
Following this reflection, write a report about the industry your purchase was made from. Select a business within that industry (e.g. the brand of the product you purchased, or a different business) and write an industry review (based on Mintel/Euromonitor information) with recommendations (based on academic theory and other credible sources) for how your selected business could better engage consumers, encourage purchase and retain consumers (approx. 1,400 words).

Marking criteria

1.      Firstly, relate personal experience of consumer behaviour and evaluation to academic theory
2.      Evaluate the performance of a consumer industry using commercial research reports
3.      Apply academic theory and research of consumer behaviour to explain industry performance
4.      Devise recommendations on how industry can more positively engage its consumers

Application and evaluation of academic sources to reflect on purchase
Excellent breadth, quality and relevance of academic sources (several journal articles) used to explain purchase and to apply many module concepts. There is evidence of synthesis (clear transitions made between points) to show application of module concepts e.g. ‘for instance’, ‘for example’ etc., to build an argument e.g. ‘furthermore’, ‘in support of’ etc., and to show debate and criticality e.g., ‘in contrast to’, ‘in comparison’ etc.

Quality and detail of industry review
Detailed review and understanding of industry facts and figures using approx. 3 credible sources e.g. Mintel/ Euromonitor/ Fame.
Facts and figures are to show strengths and opportunities for the selected business.
Recommendations to the organisation Clear, specific recommendations to the selected business based closely on module concepts (supported by credible academic and industry sources, some journal articles).

Appropriate, presentation and use of Harvard referencing:
Expression of ideas and presentation is very good, with a comprehensive and coherent structure throughout.
Harvard method used for all references correct.

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