Convert 17 miles to kilometers if 1 inch = 2.54 cm ?

You need to use three conversion factors to get from miles to kilometers.
The first conversion factor will get you from miles to inches, the second from inches to centimeters, and the third from centimeters to kilometers.
In addition to the fact that you have 2.54 cm for every 1 inch, you need to know that 1 mile contains 63,360 inches and that 1 kilometer contains 100,000 centimeters.
Set up the conversion factors like this
##17cancel(“miles”) * (63,360cancel(“inches”))/(1cancel(“mile”)) * (2.54cancel(“cm”))/(1cancel(“inch”)) * “1 km”/(100,000cancel(“cm”)) = “27.36 km”##
Rounded to two , the answer will be
##”17 miles” = color(green)(“27 km”)##

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