Correlation Between the Psychological Effects of Eating Disorders and Alcohol Consumption

To design the Week 6-7 literature review paper, you will use the Week 5 information (annotated bibliography and outline) and five additional peer-reviewed primary research articles (a total of 10 articles required).  The literature review document must be 4-6 pages long.
For this assignment, your goal is to present what you have learned about your topic across all of the articles you gathered and read. If your thoughts have evolved since you turned into your outline, it is OK to deviate from what you submitted in your outline last week! You are encouraged to:
  • Use headings within your literature review to guide the reader through your thoughts as you summarize the key points you want to make.
  • Be scholarly, but don’t use over-complicated language. Be direct. Do not use colloquial expressions, and do not use the first person (e.g., “I,” “me,” “my”).
  • Do not simply write a paper that brings the reader through a summary of what you read article-by-article (like mini-article critiques). Instead, each paragraph should be about a different point you want to make about your topic and what the combined literature demonstrates about that point. Expect to use multiple citations in each paragraph.
  • Create a References page that only uses references (not annotations). Be sure that your page lists your references in the proper order and that formatting and punctuation are correct.
  • Here is an example of how the paper should look.  Also please add five addional refrences to equal to 10 please.  you can chage the title of the papter to accommodate the the 5 additional refrences. 

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