Create a Microbial disease report

Select a disease that affects humans or animals whose causative agent is a bacterium, virus, fungus,

protozoa, or other microorganism.

Create a report on your chosen disease in which you report on each of the following in
Causative Agent: Describe and classify the microbe involved. If known, explain how the microbe
causes/transmits the disease or interferes with normal body function. Also, describe the vector and/or life cycle for the microbe (if applicable).
Population(s) affected: What population(s) is/are at highest risk of contracting the disease? Are there any groups of people who should be tested? Please include statistical/geographical data and trends (from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, or other source [ (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.), etc.]).
Course of Disease: What are the usual signs/symptoms of someone with the disease? How is the disease diagnosed? What is the usual time course for recovery? Are there complications and/or long-term effects?
Interventions: Describe possible treatments and/or medical interventions. Is there a vaccine available?
 How can the disease be best prevented or kept under control?
ADD photos or graphs.

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