Crisis Leadership Response Plan for a Public Safety Crisis

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As a public safety leader of an Emergency Management Agency, prepare a Crisis Leadership Response Plan detailing how you would lead and manage the national public safety crisis below:

Pandemic outbreak: The world has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has created unprecedented disruption throughout the United States and continues to spread. Your region has been significantly impacted by the pandemic with a high number of positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

This Crisis Leadership Response Plan will focus on how crisis leadership (NOT crisis management) and other leadership styles can be applied in resolving a public safety crisis. Consider how to apply these leadership styles in interacting with members of the local government, media, and community.

Your paper should include the following:

  • Describe the crisis.
  • Research about the crisis situation including information supporting your crisis leadership plan
  • Identify the public safety sector selected (law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical, emergency response, etc)
  • Analyze the crisis situation as a public safety leader
  • Explain your agency’s role in the crisis.
  • Describe other organizations that may be involved and whose members you may have to lead.
  • Assess the crisis leadership challenges in the public safety environment the issue presents, including identifying and discussing the ethical issues the case highlights.
  • Discuss other leadership concepts that can be applied in a crisis situation.
  • Assess any ethical, legal, and decision-making challenges.
  • Develop a leadership plan for handling the media relations during the crisis

The paper should be a minimum of eight (8) pages (not including the title and reference pages), double-spaced, using 12-point font. The paper must be formatted in accordance with APA 7th Edition requirements. The paper must cite at least one (1) academic or professional reference for each page written (a minimum of eight (8) references).

The Crisis Leadership Plan must include:

  • Title page
  • Executive summary (no more than one (1) page highlighting the main points of the plan).
  • Introduction 
  • Main body of the plan
  • Section headings (formatted in accordance with APA 7th Edition)
  • Conclusion (summarizing the plan).
  • Reference page

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