Critical Response

Your response needs to address the readings and themes for the week that it is due. So, for example, for the upcoming response, you should include references to the readings on “Making Race” (July 7th-12th). Please note, this does NOT mean you have to write a summary of all the readings for that week.

But, you should demonstrate that you’ve done the readings and that you can put them in conversation with each other, and/or apply them to a particular question or idea you have in mind (and/or an image you’d like to talk about).

Remember too, I’m encouraging everyone to be open and creative with these responses! Feel free to play with ideas, draw, take pictures, embed links to videos, etc. Just make sure to connect your content to the themes.

Responses should be between 3-4 pages in length. You are encouraged to think
creatively about these responses – you may include images, text, drawings, or
any other form of visual data as you think through the ideas presented in the
course materials and your own responses to them.

Critical Responses for the
week when the response is due should include all of the relevant readings and
materials for that week.

Students should place these materials in conversation,
and critically analyze each in relation to the other(s).

No further research is
required, but you must demonstrate comprehension of the theme and materials for
that week.

No bibliography is required, but if specific references to materials
are made (which they should be), please be sure to cite authors and page
numbers, as appropriate.

Feel free to use any accepted style guide Do not just
describe or summarize the material, and do not write a mini-essay on the topic
of that week.

The point of the Critical Responses is for you to demonstrate your
ability to read course materials critically and creatively,

and for you to
explore how these materials relate to issues discussed within the course and to
things seen and experienced in your outside, everyday world

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