CRJ Mod 8

Option #2: Criminal Investigation Consultant on the Jodi Arias Case

This is a scenario-based assignment. You are a criminal investigation consultant and you have been hired to conduct a full review of the high-profile homicide case of Jodi Arias. Arias was charged and later convicted of killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander. There are many news articles and videos from the various investigative developments and court proceedings available on this case. You will collect your information on this case by conducting internet searches.


Module 1: Choosing your case (25 points)

Module 3: Prosecution’s Evidence (50 points)

Module 4: The Defense (50 points)

Module 6: Use of Science and Technology (50 points)

Module 8: Consultant’s Final Report (175 Points)

Your final task as the criminal investigation consultant in this case is to complete a final report of 11-pages consisting of the following points:

(NOTE: You may use the information from your previous reports for this Final Report)

  1. A 1-page overview of the case
  2. A 1-page timeline of the criminal incident
  3. A 3-page assessment of the police and prosecution’s approach to investigating and prosecuting this case. You should identify strengths and possibly some weaknesses or shortcomings. What did the police and prosecution do well? Did they make any mistakes?
  4. A 2-page assessment of the defense’s approach to defending the accused. You should identify strengths and possibly some weaknesses or shortcomings. What was their approach to creating reasonable doubt? What did the defense do well? Did they make any mistakes?
  5. A 2-page overview of the role that science and technology played in this case
  6. A 1-page overview of the importance of the autopsy report in this case
  7. A 1-page conclusion on whether you, as the criminal investigative consultant, believe that the jury reached the correct conclusion of guilty. In the United States, the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. Clearly support your stance with facts from the case and whether they affirm the conviction or refute it.

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