Dare to Dream Presentation

Your prompt: Dare to Dream. What would you do to make the U.S.A. better? Pick your one top thing. Use both facts and opinions. Find credible sources.  If you are not from the U.S. answer this question from your perspective. Listen folks, it could be anything from getting more hugs to more government, less government, more vacation, or what not. And yes, it’s true you need at least 7 hugs a day! I wouldn’t lie to you! It’s actually a scientific fact. What?! Check it out. The last student who doubted this found that the more recent research is saying we actually need 11 hugs every single day!
Basic speech structure should be, with the most time given to the introduction:
-Main Points
*Make sure that your structure is timely. You are given 3-5 minutes. Speak within that time frame.
Points that I personally believe could make the US better, maternity/paturnity leave, right to healthcare, gender/racial equality, break up big coporations to create a better competiton market (versus a monopoly) , etc. These points are examples but do need to be along the line of this thought process.

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