Description of modern slavery in the context of sustainability

This is a paper that focuses on the description of modern slavery in the context of sustainability. The paper also provides a Rubic for marking criteria of the paper grades.

Description of modern slavery in the context of sustainability

Essay Instructions
“Modern slavery” is a common umbrella term used to describe a range of extreme labour rights abuses – including slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced or compulsory labour. Due to the onset of globalisation and high competition, cheap labour is in high demand and modern-day slavery in its current form is often hidden in the different layers of international trade among countries, economies and even in supply chains. On 1st January 2019, Australia implemented a new legislation (Modern Slavery Act) which aims to increase transparency about companies’ supply chains.

Prepare a 2500-word (+/- 10%) essay, describing your understanding of Modern Slavery from a sustainability perspective. Provide various examples of cases as found in the literature (Rana Plaza building, apparel firms, etc), websites and media sources; and a discussion of how this could impact procurement and supply chain operations. Include also in your essay, what measures should be taken to ensure more socially responsible and ethical practices in supply chains. Apply concepts and theories where appropriate, and also supporting journal articles to enrich your discussion.

Please use appropriate headings and sub- headings where necessary.
Firstly, describe your understanding of modern slavery.
Secondly, context of sustainability (i.e. social dimension, social responsibility)
Thirdly, discuss the impacts of modern slavery on the supply chain.
E.g. retailers, manufacturers, reputation of focal company, brand name, etc
Suggest measures to ensure more social responsible and ethical practices in supply chain.
·       Keywords: Modern Slavery, Supply chain management, Sustainable supply chains, Corporate social responsibility, Sustainable procurement, Sustainable sourcing, Supply chain auditing, Supply chain compliance, Supply chain ethics, Corporate accountability, Transparency

Description of modern slavery in the context of sustainability

Firstly, introduction and description of the topic (10 marks)
Secondly, assessment of the sustainability issue/s (social & ethical considerations) and how they impact supply chain players and/or operations (40 marks)
Thirdly, incorporation of suggested measures (10 marks)
Fourthly, application of knowledge, concepts or theory (20 marks)
English Expression (10 marks)
Referencing (10 marks)
TOTAL 100 marks

·         Useful websites:

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