Determine a Secure Software Architecture and Technology Approach

Week 4 Assignment: The week for assignment requires you to write an email to software development team managers and company executives to motivate the approval of the implementation of secure software development processes (basically continuing the discussion) by describing (recommending) appropriate architecture and technology choices,

Architecture is fluid/dependant on the real world when a product is developed; an architecture should be adaptable –this assignment requires discussion on at least two future adjustments to the recommendation(s) to mitigate any security issues associated with new technologies that are changing the landscape (such as 5G, IoT, IIoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones, sensor networks, etc).

To motivate the people in charge at your organization, provide justification such as outlining benefits for the company. The software architecture discussion can be based on many different approaches; for this email, you are discussing at least one approach that aligns with the company and its data/software needs/customer base. The email should be written in an approachable (not too techy; yet specific) formal manner–you want to motivate not turn off the non-technical executives. Images and tables can reduce the wordiness of the email–images allow for content in condensed form (i.e. a picture is worth a thousand words); one image and one table are required. Follow APA style rules for these items

I have attached a sample outline for the week 4 assignment to help you with the format and required topics. Below find some readings to guide the architecture discussion:

  • Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CSSLP CBK (from this week’s reading (the chapter on Domain 3: Secure Software Design))
  • Sabsa
  • SSA
Name of Company is  A Greek Boutique

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