Diagnosing Using the DSM

The DSM is a classification manual used by professionals in the field of psychology. For this assessment, you will

1.(diagnose ALL three clients.  Identifies the disorder according to the DSM, distinguishing criteria meets the diagnosis of the identified psychological disorder.

2. Explains which criteria of the DSM align with a psychological disorder, supporting the position with research findings from the field of human abnormal psychology. Read the vignettes for each client in the Case Study Vignettes. In your paper, for each client, indicate:

  • The diagnosis, discussing each criterion the client fits and does not fit for that diagnosis from the DSM-5 (which you should cite).

3. Select one of the clients and in a separate, final section of the paper, complete the following:

  • Analyze two recommended treatments for the client and explain why they would be recommended (one or both of these treatments should come from a current peer-reviewed journal article).
  • Support your analysis with a peer-reviewed journal article about the diagnosis you chose for this client.
  • How well does the article’s discussion of the diagnosis compare to the behaviors the client displays?
  • As a professional in the field of psychology, how would you use the information from the article to inform your professional behavior?
reference : DSM-5 and two or more peer-reviewed journal articles.

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