Discuss the immigration reform personal perspective and arguments

This is a paper that is to discuss the immigration reform personal perspective and arguments. The paper also provides further information on writing the paper.

Discuss the immigration reform personal perspective and arguments

Immigration reform (Give title that reflects your argument)

This is an argumentative essay, once you have briefly informed the reader of the significance of the topic, the assignment asks that you discuss your perspective and the perspective of others on the topic.

Your argument about the topic has to be clear rather than generalization of the topic.

The writing process starts with posing a question— For example: What if global warming is a real threat?  How can we control the earth’s population as not to deplete too rapidly all of it resources?  In the search for weapons of mass destruction, did it matter whether or not they were found?  The central concern of the essay is that you answer the question you pose in your Writing Project Three Proposal.  But not only that, you should write an argumentative essay that addresses arguments in support of your position and counterarguments in support of opposing views.

Research is to assist you with building your position and to inform you of the varied positions on the topic.  What you do with the latter most likely will be shaped into your position’s counterarguments.  For this assignment, you are required to use two secondary sources.  Please draw from the research databases (Academic Search Complete, Electronic Journal, LexisNexis, etc.)

Though a certain amount of the essay should be informative, do not use the body simply to inform the reader of the topic.  Remember, this is an argumentative essay.  Make sure what you pose is arguable. Discuss what you think is significant about the topic.  Discuss what you and secondary sources gather about the topic.
In addition, the essay should include specific references to borrowed materials.  In other words, you should paraphrase, quote, and summarize specific elements of your research that lend themselves well to the point you are trying to make.  Also, you should include in-text citations and an accompanying Works Cited page

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