Discuss the elements necessary to support an organization’s transcultural ethics policy.

Google is one of the world’s largest known internet search engines. The head of international relations, Ross LaJeunesse, was pushed out because of the controversy with artificial intelligence and China’s influence on Google searches. “He later devised a human rights program to formalize Google’s principles supporting free expression and privacy” Tiku (2020).  I do think that Google has had some hurdles to overcome when operating overseas however, they seem to be doing the right thing for their business now. Google stopped all China users and now have a censored version of the search engine where the Chinese can still use Google. Since they are a U.S operating system they must abide by U.S. regulations and other countries as well. This can be challenging and they must have a strong set of corporate values to ensure this is happening across all sectors.

In order to keep the organization ethical and maintain human rights, the organization that is sourcing products and services should have an international set of rules and regulations that they abide by with their sourcing agencies and their supply chain. All parties involved must understand these rules and not go outside the scope because that could hinder the organization. If it is a U.S. organization that is sourcing outside, they must inform their supply chain of these rules so they aren’t apt to taking bribes or offering bribes that they can’t fulfill or that would hurt the organization. The sourcing organization should do research on the company in which they want to conduct business and see what their past looks like and see if they are going to walk into a bribe trap.

Bribes overseas are more common than in the U.S. due to the regulations put in place for American organizations. The CEOs of these companies must ensure their employees know what actions could hurt the organization and inform their leadership if a bribe is made. Not all bribes are bad and they could use these to open doors to new opportunities for the organization they must offer incentives for their organization instead of taking a bribe or a gift. I think that technology companies are more at risk due to the nature of their organization, they want to ensure their growth is widespread and promote their product to the widest corner of the world. The leaders of these companies must ensure their employees understand the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and are upholding the regulations.

Tiku, N. (2020). A top Google exec pushed the company to commit to human rights. Then Google pushed him out, he says. Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/01/02/top-google-exec-pushed-company-commit-human-rights-then-google-pushed-him-out-he-says/

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