Discussion and revision

Your responses to each of the questions should be at least 200 words long and should incorporate specific examples.

Make sure to check If your Body Paragraphs are following the guidelines I provided below, then revise your essay if possible.

  1. Write a paragraph that describes the audience you have in mind for your argument.  You can brainstorm some ideas for this paragraph by looking at the list of audience consideration questions I posted a few weeks ago.

  1. Post two different introductory paragraphs to your essay to see which one people like the most.  Try using two very different strategies in each of these introductions.

  1. Post two possible versions of your thesis statement.

  1. Choose one body paragraph and develop it as much as you can using your own discussion and some research; then show it to the rest of us.

  1. Show everyone your acknowledgement to the opposition (if you have more than one in your argument, then just pick one).

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