Discussion Board

Discussion Board

After reading a research article about the way nurses suction clients, you decide to perform a literature search on the topic to see whether other studies reinforce the practice. You identify two other research studies that also support the practice change. Armed with the evidence, you create a new practice guideline that describes the new suctioning techniques and present it to your unit director. After taking the guideline through various committees, it is adopted and a new policy is created. You feel empowered and confident that this new practice will have a positive impact on client care outcomes. During the next few weeks, you are confused and discouraged, noting that the nurses are slow in adopting your fabulous new guideline.

1. Why might you get resistance from the nurses?

2. Should this resistance have been anticipated?

3. What specific steps could be taken to encourage the nurses to adopt the practice change?


Participation in the Blackboard discussion board is essential to achieving the course student learning outcomes. Each student must create an original thread focused on each of the three case studies. Each student must also reply to at least two peer’s threads for each case study. Fifteen percent of the course grade is allotted for discussion board postings. Original posts (threads) should be at least 100 words- include referenced material from text. Responses must be at least 30 words Your original post should have at least 2 citations with references. One of your references can be one of your textbooks but the other should be a nursing journal. Your response to peers should have at least 1 citation with reference of any type. Please write in standard English and not in “text-speak” or slang language. Responses should clarify/ expand/ enhance the peer’s thread. Do not agree or praise the peer’s thread.

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