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Please answer the following discussion total of 4 questions sources have been provided for each subject


Is Organized crime inevitable as long as people desire banned goods such as drugs, gambling, and human trafficking?  Honors: Does organized crime have to be a part of the equation for these crimes to thrive?

Does the violence in video games encourage our youth to be more violent?  Give several examples of how video games desensitize and blurs the decision-making process

Source to use:

Siegel, L. J. (2017). Criminology: Theories, patterns, and typologies (13th ed.). Cengage Learning.

Human Behavior

Imagine you are having a conversation with a friend who makes one of two comments:

“I just don’t understand why women stay in an abusive relationship.” OR “I don’t understand why someone would not report being sexually assaulted/raped.”

Select one scenario and discuss how you would explain the victim/survivor experience to this friend based on what you have learned in this unit in order to help your friend better understand the dynamics which occur after an individual has been victimized. Your answer may include a discussion of the symptoms of trauma, lack of social support, beliefs/stereotypes of victims, the criminal justice system, child welfare involvement, etc.

2) You are now working as a therapist in a mental health clinic. A mother, Michelle, comes to you concerned about her 12 year-old son named James.  She describes James as being aggressive towards her which includes screaming in her face, throwing objects when he is upset and on two occasions, he pushed her down to the ground.  While you are conducting the intake, Michelle tells you that she left James’ father, Michael, after years of domestic violence which resulted in his arrests and current incarceration.  When you inquire about what behaviors James may have witnessed between his parents, Michelle is clear that James viewed many occasions when his Father punched her, blocked her from leaving the house and at one point, James intervened in the abuse resulting in him receiving a black eye from his Father.  Despite these examples, Michelle articulates to you that she does not understand from where James has learned these aggressive behaviors and would like assistance and support to intervene with him “before he becomes just like his father.”  How do you explain to Michelle the impact of Michael’s behaviors on James?  What further questions would you like to ask Michelle?  What techniques would you utilize to engage James?


Zastrow, C., Kirst-Ashman, K.K. & Hessenauer, S.L. (2019). Empowerment series: Understanding human behavior and the social environment (11th Ed.). Cengage Learning

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