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Here you will find my discussion post from my classmate. Can you elaborate with your
own opinion.

Hi class,

There is power and healing in touch, and with the pandemic, it has been difficult because people are so accustomed to hugs and warm touches.  The pandemic has made touching more dangerous, and it can present with an overwhelming sense of loneliness.  However, as important as touch is, we have had to adjust how we show caring and affection.  As nurses, we must touch our patients to perform assessments, administer certain medications, and help them to the restroom or assist with other needs.  The gentleness of touch can help people feel better, but all the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is worn can hinder the natural effect.

When a person is dying, it is essential to have loved ones with them, provide peace, and help ease the transition.  However, with the pandemic, it has been challenging for everyone.  Although we have various options such as FaceTime and other ways to communicate with those in isolation due to Covid, it is just not the same.  If I were in a situation and the person dying could not have their family with them, I would stay with them and provide as much comfort as possible, pray with them and let them know I am there, and it is alright to let go.  I am a Christian and have strong faith, so I believe I would be able to let go and would want my family with me to help ease the transition.

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