Eating Behaviors

To complete your research paper, use at least one article from the upload files. Then, find, read, and use other academic journals, publications, online resources, and articles related to the topic and develop a paper that summarizes, analyzes, discusses, and compares and contrasts those concepts from your research. You may use the textbook for your paper but do not use the textbook exclusively. The paper should be approximately 3-4 pages of double-spaced text. Your paper should be a traditional research paper using the following headings:

I. Introduction

  A. Statement of the Problem (What is the issue?)

  B. Importance of the Problem (Why is the issue critical?)

II. Review of Literature

      —Article 1 title and summary

      —Article 2 title summary

III. Findings

A. Summary

B. Conclusions

C. Further Research


News Brief (one paragraph which is an abstract of the paper, much like a short piece you might see in a newspaper).

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