English Final Project

Maria Bernard Mercy College English 217 Professor Katherine Arnold August 2, 2021

 A Day in My Life A day in my life so many changes so many circumstances. I never thought my life would have changed so much the moment I became a mother. Everything happens for reasons perhaps to shape me and make me a better person than what I am already am. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children, I have three beautiful children. Starting from the age of 13 years old a boy, soon to be 6 years old girl, and now 3-month-old baby girl my hands are full, but I am full of joy. My last pregnancy was a little rough and to say this because I came down with preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a condition were your pressures get elevated putting you at risk and more vulnerable while you’re pregnant. My emotions at the time were high and low happy. Because I was expecting another blessing but also scared because of the condition that I was facing. In the pressures of being a senior and trying to graduate, being healthy to bring a newborn to this world was a little overwhelming. Yet alone not working because it was too much on my plate to tackle. Although I had the emotional support from my friends, and family and my husband just were feeling very overwhelmed. I did not give up I kept going forward in a day of my life. I thought it was not possible, I deposit faith and kept praying. I knew there was a purpose in why all this was happening to me. My daughter was supposed to be born May 14, 2021; she was born April 29,2021. A healthy baby came to this world and the joy of seeing my third child being born was an absolute blessing. I couldn’t be anymore happier it was all worth it in a day in my life. Two weeks have passed since she was born, and I went for my follow up appointment, turns out my pressure was still very elevated causing my preeclampsia to skyrocket. In having high levels of blood pressure, it was concerning 200/90. My doctor and nurse were alarmed and was advised I would have to be admitted. I was devasted, just giving birth and being admitted to the hospital not being able to spend time with my daughter yet alone with the covid pandemic and not allowed to have no one visiting only one person which was my mother with a negative covid19 testing, A day in my life everything spirals out of my control, I managed to stay calm and look at the positive things looking from my hospital bed I glanced to the left and saw my favorite flowers standing by my nightstand. By the way peonies are my favorite flowers. Be sides that seeing my mother there holding my hand and her emotional support meant everything to me. My husband video calling me with my children showing me support and love meant everything to me in a day in my life how much I was loved and acknowledged. Four days have passed my pressure was stabled, I was released from the hospital feeling a little better and all I can think of is going home and hugging my husband and my babies. So many days have passed and that’s all I wanted and was on my mind all the time. In a day of my life not all can be perfect ,I have learned life’s lesson there are things beyond our control. We can only look at life’s lessons as lesson to see what’s the best thing and value what we couldn’t learn from before in a day in my life 😊

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