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Reports: Year 2025 :https://ww5.capsim.com/capsimplatform/annualreport?simKey=389145&round=6&teamKey=2314651&historyKey=0&teamName=Baldwin&token=BAFB86FA0D719BAB4187B803B7E4A7E6

Year 2026: https://ww5.capsim.com/capsimplatform/annualreport?simKey=389145&round=7&teamKey=2314651&historyKey=0&teamName=Baldwin&token=DBBB4BFA34E918D6AD3998B6A2EFACA6

Year 2027: https://ww5.capsim.com/capsimplatform/annualreport?simKey=389145&round=8&teamKey=2314651&historyKey=0&teamName=Baldwin&token=4E577BAC1993AE6066F7D5D032F74B05

1) Using the statements provided as outcomes feedback for your company, your competitors and the sensor industry, do a financial analysis and assessment of your company’s relative financial strength and cash flows over the past 3 years?

2) Summarizing your analyses above, do the numbers suggest financial strengths or weaknesses as your firm moves forward? Explain your conclusions.

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