environment issue

Environment issue topic make on air pollution other BUT not include water and soil pollution.

1. Research Objectives—5 marks
This section will include a description of the objectives (bullet points) that the writer would want to achieve. Identify the topic that will be researched and why it is important and worth exploring.
2. Research Brief and Plan—5 marks
In this section the researchers will determine the plan with it’s timeline and estimated resources using a Gantt chart; also provide background information (secondary research applied) in the research topic.
3. Research Design and Methodology—5 marks
This section will identify and explain the framework of methods and techniques chosen by the researchers. The writer should also identify the type of research and how the research was carried out. In this section the writer would also describe the relevance of the data collected, address the reliability (especially used in the previous section) of the sources used in the research and what has been done to verify that the data is accurate.
4. Data Collection Tools and Instruments—5 marks
This section will identify and explain the primary research instrument(s) chosen by the researchers, their development, and provide a snapshot of what information the designed questions are trying to collect.
5. Logic and Analysis of Data—5 marks
In this section, the writer will discuss the transformation of the data collected to information that can be used in assessing the impact on the objectives identified in the research plan. Charts and statistical analysis will be presented to show and explain trends, forecasts and estimates. The analysis carried out here will become the foundation for the decisions that will appear in the conclusion and will provide the basis for any recommendations. Writers should take care that the analysis is not too complex and is relevant to the key issues being addressed.
6. Conclusion and/or Recommendations—5 marks
Data is transformed to present decisions on the objectives previously selected. This section should tie all the sections together and provide the reader with a full picture of the important issues researched. Provide a rationale and justification for all of your suggestions.
Overall Format of the Research—5 marks
● Include an executive summary at the beginning of the paper to summarize the content of your plan and the important aspects.
No more than half a page is sucient.
● Include a table of contents of your topics covered in the paper (follow the titles as provided above)
● Pay attention to spelling and grammar. The plan must be clear and not lead to confusion.
● When using statistics or information from outside sources, footnote the information on the page where the information is used.
● The occasional use of pictures, tables or graphs is recommended (for illustration purposes) and helps with the visual appeal.
● Remember that you are being tested on your knowledge of the principles of research and your ability to demonstrate your
understanding through the plan.
● Bibliography: Demonstrate the time and eort spent on research by providing a sound bibliography. List all the sources used in the
preparation of your research plan.
● Avoid direct downloads of data from the Internet.

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