Environmental Literacy Plan – Phase V

Evaluation Title: Environmental Literacy Plan – Phase V

Looking at the topics covered in this unit in relation to your community, research the following:

  • What is the air quality in your community?
  • What type of pollution is affecting your community?
  • Using the water calculator, how much water do you use per day? Discuss the impact of your water usage and ways to lessen the amount of water your household uses per day. If you pay for water, take a look at your water bill. Is it higher or lower than you expect?
  • Does your community participate in a mandatory recycling program?
  • Are there recycling centers available throughout the community? If there are recycling centers in your community, visit them. Take a picture to put in the report. What is the condition of the recycling center? What items does the recycling center accept?
  • Does your workplace recycle?
  • What can you do to assist in the emphasis of recycling and benefits to the community?
  • What is the impact of pollution and air quality on the environment and on you?
  • Discuss your ecological footprint.
  • What can you do to lessen your ecological footprint to protect the environment?

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