Environmental Sociology (Climate Change)

Submit your 6 page, double-spaced, typed paper that illustrates your ability to apply your understanding of social processes/contexts to your topic.  Be sure to cite sources (where appropriate).

It is expected that you bring in information from throughout the course. For example, from early in the term, you may want to explain how different paradigms (DWW, HEP, NEP) are reflected in the ways society or management has viewed your topic. How might a social constructionist perspective explain some of the competing views associated with your topic? You should also be able to explain how/why elements of the treadmills of production/consumption are/have affected your topics. Where appropriate, you may also want to discuss the role of population shifts and issues of environmental justice as they relate to your topic.

You are not limited to the readings, websites, and videos that are required resources from this course – feel free to bring in other sociological literature.

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