Eriksons stages of Psychological development

Activity 9- Due week 9- 7:23:2021 Outline and Directions-1.docx

Submit 1 document containing the Chart and Reflection Paper

You will need to find and use two articles for your reflection paper, I have provided you with one. You cannot use wikipedia or blogs, as those are not scholarly sources.

The stage and crisis will be the same in the chart, so for the first row, stage would be trust vs. mistrust and crisis would be trust vs. mistrust.

Some info about me that may help

I am 24 years old so the paper only needs to go up to the 6th stage. I’m very forgiving/patient. I’m always trying to look at the positive side of things. I have a hard time letting my guard down around new people. Perfect to work solo as opposed to group settings. In the stage I’m in now (21-39) I feel like I am passing so far because I am realizing what I want out of life and my relationships/friendships.You can say I feel like I didn’t pass stages 1 and 2. The rest I feel that I passed. Any made up examples are okay, the teacher doesn’t know me that well lol.

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