Write an essay of a minimum of 1200 words, addressing the questions and prompts below. Your essay should demonstrate a clear understanding of the key terms and concepts from the READ and ATTEND assignments for this unit. You must organize your work using headings formatted in APA style. The research requirement is at least two scholarly journal articles, and the course textbook. Indicate your research through in-text citations and a list of references.

Conduct an online search, and write a brief summary of two to three issues of strategic significance that The Home Depot has encountered within the past 12 months. Sources used to respond to this prompt should be credible, but not necessarily scholarly.
In which stage of the industry life cycle is the home improvement retail industry? What are the critical success factors (CSFs) in this stage of the life cycle?
Use Porter’s five forces model to analyze the home improvement retail industry. Based on your analysis of the industry, which force provides the greatest opportunity for The Home Depot, and why? Which force provides the greatest threat for The Home Depot, and why?
What should The Home Depot do to withstand competitive pressure from rivals in its industry?

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